Dorothy Hamill is STILL Gorgeous!

I just have to comment on how cool Dorothy Hamill still is. Of course I watched her on Dancing with the Stars and she was my personal favorite, until she had to withdrawal due to an injury. She’s still so bubbly, sweet, and fun to watch. I recently went back and watched her skating videos on YouTube. They had a “positivity” and excitement to them that I didn’t see in this year’s intense and sometimes dark Olympic skaters.

Anyway, my point is not to slight any of the amazingly talented Olympians. I just wanted to say that I still feel great joy from watching Ms. Hamill and think she’s one of the few women who still radiate that sort of exuberance and sweetness on her face. To me, she’s always been the epitome of CUTE.

I’m going out to the library today to get her autobiography, because I realize I probably don’t know anything about how she really feels or the struggles she’s had. I can’t even say whether her joy is genuine or not. So, I’ll follow up on that after reading her books.

In the meantime, I found these pictures from 1977-1978…a time when I thought by getting her haircut, I’d become a little bit more like her.

And, I’m wondering if anyone else tried to steal the haircut of a celebrity. If so, please post! 🙂 

B4 n After Dorothy Hair cut

B4 n After Dorothy Hair cut